Love is a much more vicious motivator

Hi I'm Mez, 18 from England :) Supernatural, Doctor Who, Game of thrones, The walking dead, teen wolf, Community, American Horror story, Sherlock, How I met your mother, Harry Potter, The Big Bang Theory, Lord of the rings and The Avengers

She was the Picasso of passive aggressive karate. She was better than any con artist I ever met, including myself. And she had me like nobody had me. You might say she was my karma.

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"well, i read a lot"

"cool! what kind of stuff do you like to read?"

"oh, you know, mostly amateur erotica based on existing media franchises"

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Women make up 49.5% of the world

Do 2/3 of the labor

But only own 1% of the wealth

So ima need u to shut the fuck up if u think sexism doesn’t exist

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